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Practicing Thomas Szasz coverPracticing Thomas Szasz: Continuing the Work of the Philosopher of Liberty

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From the back cover:

Thomas Szasz died at 92 on September 8, 2012. With his death, many of us, not enough, are left with deep concern about his legacy and the continuing influence of his ideas. Here, following a biographical sketch, I discuss some of the myriad ways his ideas have directly or indirectly influenced my ongoing work as a psychologist. I hope that my experience will have a small positive effect in keeping alive and in play the profoundly important ideas of this great man.

WC coverLeaving Home: The Journey From Birth to Emerging Adulthood

This book is available as an ebook from Chipmunka Publishing.

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John's desire is that this book will be a positive force towards optimizing success for young people in leaving home and going forward in a good way, and for parents and other older adults in letting go.

Here are some comments on Leaving Home:

"Leaving Home: The Journey From Birth to Emerging Adulthood overflows with the deep insights of a deep thinker. This is because John Breeding has not only walked the walk, he has also paid painstaking attention to each step as he took it. A must read for emerging adults and their parents."
--Chris Mercogliano, author of In Defense of Childhood

"In his epic new work John Breeding provides parents and practitioners with a trustworthy road map through the considerable and cumulative science of attachment and mythological analogies of journeying to wholeness. John's unabashed love for his children opens our hearts to the preciousness of every moment and inspires us to dance together - while we can."
--Lisa Reagan, associate editor for Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine and co-founder of Families for Conscious Living

"Leaving Home is deeply imbued with thoughtful and original philosophies regarding the continual ebb and flow of relationships throughout our lives. As a gentle master-teacher, Dr. Breeding is an essential guide for reclaiming your footing of joy in an ever-changing landscape of relationships on life's journey."
--Bryant McGill, Congressionally Recognized Ambassador of Goodwill and author of Voice of Reason

"How many times as a parent have I thrown my arms in air and said, 'If only I had a friend who I could talk to about this!' — John Breeding is that friend. His words, grounded in important evidence-based research, yet presented with candour and warmth, are soothing company on the hero's journey of child-rearing."
--Kelly Wendorf, executive director of The Institute of the Southwest, founder of Kindred magazine and

WC coverThe Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses

This is the 3rd edition of John's classic work in defense of the development of spirited young people. Includes a new preface and two new chapters.   

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I can't tell you how long I've waited for someone like you. My beautiful, delightful, and basically sunny little boy has never done anything terrible except become a "problem" child in school! Thank you for your book, your help, and your understanding -- it is lonely out here in this public school system.
--Judy Willingham, San Antonio, Texas

John Breeding is a parent who has continued to be fascinated with his children as he and they continue to grow up. His wisdom comes from his delight, which also makes him a revolutionary.
--Brad Blanton, author of Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth.

Review by Chris Mercogliano, Journal of Alternative Education, Summer 1998 issue

bookletThe Colt of a Booklet

Prior to writing the book, The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses, John wrote an 18-page booklet containing the germ of his thinking on this topic. The entire text of this booklet is here for your benefit. Click here to download it.

TNTRUE NATURE AND GREAT MISUNDERSTANDINGS (How We Care For Our Children According To Our Understanding)

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madnessFind out more about John's major work: The Necessity of Madness and Unproductivity: Psychiatric Oppression or Human Transformation

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ewoEYES WIDE OPEN: Parenting (and LIfe) Manifestos for the 21st Century

This essay is an effort to answer the question of how people know so much that ain't so, and live in denial about what is.

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