Book Review by Naomi Aldort

Dr. John Breeding's book "True Nature and Great Misunderstandings" is a wake-up call to honor children's innate wisdom, and to stop altering their nature with drugs and behavior modification. Breeding reveals the startling truth about psychiatric drugs and labeling; they are a fraud and a system of control, devoid of scientific evidence and not unlike witch hunting and other religious and political systems of control. Although the reality is shocking, Breeding's tone and aim is compassionate as the title of the book pronounces: It is a misunderstanding.

"In order to stay close to children, we must transform ourselves, again and again," says Breeding. Drugs and manipulation of the child are ways to suppress the child and avoid transforming ourselves. The book tells us how to avoid the path of suppression, and how to prevent the cause of children's disturbing behaviors by understanding their true nature as well as our own.

Read this book for your sake, so you can heal and grow beyond your childhood hurts, and so that children can grow up to be themselves. We can bring up the next generation in such a way that they will lead us on their path rather than repeat ours.

A child who is cared for in the way Breeding presents flourishes and is a joy to live with and to learn from. No child needs drugs or punishment; those are adults' means of control and ways to avoid facing one's own emotional barriers. We can stay asleep and numb the child, or we can wake up and celebrate her exuberance, her wildness and her passionate emotional expressions. Breeding makes it clear that nurturing a child without controlling her is not about giving license; it is a path of deep connection, responsibility, and respect of one of nature's greatest wonders.
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