(How We Care For Our Children According To Our Understanding)


In this bold new work, Breeding inspires us to remember the wondrous true nature of our children. He points out where we have gone wrong, and he shows us a better way. Breeding says that we care for children according to our understanding. If we understand children to be inherently violent, we can expect to be struggling to tame violent urges from here on. If we forget that children are born with an insatiable curiosity and absorbent minds, and instead think we need to use reward and punishment to make them learn, then we get a system that creates dumb, unmotivated students. If we believe that failures in adjustment are due to biologically based "mental illnesses" like "attention deficit disorder," then we end up with millions of our precious children on toxic drugs. This book will help to clean these distorted mirrors of perception. The inherent nature of our children includes vast intelligence, unbridled zest and open-hearted loving. When we understand just how awesome and wonderful our precious children are, we can relax, and trust, and see them through the eyes of delight. And here are some recommendations:

Book Review by Naomi Aldort
True Nature and Great Misunderstandings is a concise, muscular piece of writing -- plain talk from Texan John Breeding about children's real essence and how we can protect it from a culture that has lost its sense of self."
--Chris Mercogliano, author of Making It Up as We Go Along: The Story of the Albany Free School.

"Somehow, someway, John Breeding has found a way to measure his steps, his dreams, his pain, and his passion-to transform them into a dynamic interplay with the times and the American culture in a way that is thought provoking and heart rendering. I am always inspired when I read his 'marking of the twain,' sounding the depth of our American way of life."
--Roger Mitchell, PhD, psychologist and educator.

"In his strong voice, John Breeding makes it clear that our children deserve to be accepted and valued for their unique and wonderful qualities, not evaluated, pigeon-holed, labeled, or drugged. It is my hope that this refreshing, thought-provoking, and very important book will be read and taken to heart by all those fortunate enough to have children, work with children, or advocate on their behalf.
--Jan Hunt, author of The Natural Child: Parenting From the Heart

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