Counseling with John

I have been working as a counseling psychologist for over 25 years with individuals, couples and families of all ages. I know and trust the goodness of human nature and the natural path of human development. I understand that we live in a very stressful and challenging world, and that various physical and emotional hurts cause distress and tend to interfere with our inherent loving and intelligence. I know we all need as much help as we can get, and I am honored to provide support in handling life's challenges and in the natural process of psychological recovery and restoration of well-being.

  • Office Counseling and Consultation for Individuals, Couples and Families
  • Telephone Counseling and Consultation

For those out of town or unable to travel to my office, I offer telephone counseling and consultation. I can be a resource for parents in handling the challenge of a child who is labeled a "problem." I may also be of help to adults on issues other than parenting. Contact Dr. Breeding by phone (512) 326-8326, or e-mail him at, offering three time possibilities for an appointment.

My regular fees are $125 an hour, or $165 for a 90-minute consultation, and those fees may be negotiable.

Please do call or email with questions or to make an appointment.

Office location:
111 Ramble Lane, #114
Austin, TX 78704

Please see directions here.

(512) 326-8326

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