Wildest Colts Parenting Work
Education Resources For Adults Who Work With Challenging Young People (and themselves)

We see children as wild colts, full of zest and spirit, challenging even in the best of circumstances, often very challenging. Adults who take responsibility for helping young people develop from wild colts into spirited adults often struggle and feel at a loss for ways to support positive growth. Our purpose is to assist adults in becoming more effective in their work with young people. We address the nature of child and adolescent development, the causes and dynamics of distress, impediments to effective work with young people, and non-drug alternatives to helping young people who are having a hard time. We fulfill our purpose through a variety of educational offerings, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Written materials (pamphlets, brochures, and books)
  • Audio and Video recordings
  • Radio and TV appearances
  • Public speeches, lectures and presentations
  • Workshops and Training
  • Consultations with parents, teachers and other caregivers
  • Legal and legislative advocacy

Here are links to two samples of possible workshops:

Wildest Colts Workshops
True Nature Workshops

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