Working With Young People
A Psychology and Practice of Personal Transformation

A Training Offered by John Breeding, PhD

 Don't miss this training experience. John Breeding, psychologist, author, and educator,  offers his best understanding of the psychology and practice of working with young people. You will learn theory about human nature and counseling psychology, as well as practical techniques to work with young people. You will also gain perspective on John's conviction that the most difficult thing about working with young people is that it restimulates your own unresolved distress as an adult. John offers a practical approach to working on yourself where it gets hard to stay close and think well about a young person.

The training process is flexible, but covers the following material and schedule:

Morning (9am-noon)
  1. True Nature and Great Misunderstandings (On the nature of young people and ourselves)
  2. Psychological Distress and Emotional Recovery (A theory and practice)
  3. Counseling as Personal Transformation (Self-Inquiry and Listening Partnerships)

LUNCH BREAK (noon-1pm)

Afternoon (1-4pm)

  1. Special Concerns with Young People (On Community, Young People's Oppression and More"
  2. Helpful Approaches  (Understanding Misbehavior and Discipline or Setting Limits)
  3. Open Q & A