ADHD Awareness Season
A Call All Caring Adults
Fall, 2004
Today we ask all citizens to call forward a very special awareness. Every one of us knows that children are our most precious beings now, and the most significant determinants of future well-being. So we ask that all adults who care about children, who care about life, take a little time this day to consider one particular national phenomenon that is of profound significance to the lives of our children and families.

We proclaim this glorious Fall a season of awareness, a time to be really awake and aware, to clear our minds and open our hearts, to look closely at the truth of how our nation is currently responding to the needs of our children. We ask that all caring adults face this reality with their hearts fully open to the natural deep caring that we feel for our young people.

We declare Fall 2004 as ADHD Awareness Season.

Psychiatry says that ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a "mental illness" that strikes millions of our children, requiring that they take stimulant drugs to hold their disease at bay and eke out a functional existence in the society of the schools.

The light of awareness clearly reveals that this is a lie. Disease is revealed by objective identification of a physical or chemical abnormality, and the truth is that there is no such evidence exists. Clear-sighted awareness sees that, no matter what an "expert" might say, disease cannot be diagnosed by behavior, and that to drug a child for their behavior is not medicine—it is child abuse. We take a look at Dr. Fred Baughman's website,, and we begin to consider the possibility that something profoundly unethical is going on.

Our definition of ADHD is this:

A is for Attention! This Fall season, we wake up. We look past the onslaught of corporate, professional, institutional and media propaganda about the myriad "mental illnesses" our children are alleged to suffer, and we clearly observe the facts as we consider that an estimated 10 million of our children are on psychotropic drugs today, and the federal government's New Freedom Commission insists that we intensely look for more "mentally ill" children in the schools and elsewhere.

D is for Death! This season, we look around with our vow of awareness, and we see and hear the parents whose children have died from the effects of their "ADHD" medicine. We hear Larry and Kelly Smith tell us about their son Matthew, who dropped over dead while skateboarding at age 14, and we learn from the medical examiner that he died for heart damage caused by long term stimulant drug use to treat his "ADHD." The medicine was called Ritalin, and when we look a little closer we discover that there 186 Ritalin-related heart deaths reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the 1990s; we also learn that this voluntary reporting system is said by experts to represent only 1-10% of the actual incidence, which means up to 18,600 heart deaths from this one drug alone. We ask a question? So just what is Ritalin? We learn from the drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that Ritalin is a controlled substance called methylphenidate, and that it is virtually identical to methamphetamine (crystal speed) and cocaine in its pharmacology and its effects. We vow to keep asking questions, and we keep looking, maybe next going to Larry smith's website,

We meet other parents. We listen to Vicki and Steve Dunkle, and hear how their 10-year-old daughter, Shaina, died in Vicki's arms of Desipramine toxicity, prescribed for her "ADHD." We hear that this has also happened to others, such as Jackie Morgan, whose son died as his organ systems deteriorated due to the effects of Desipramine, again for "ADHD." We vow to keep our eyes open, and we go on to visit another Web site,, which is an organization of aggrieved parents, including the Dunkles, who are demanding a label and drug free education for all our children. When we look at this site, we begin to see clearly that not only are children being recommended all these drugs, but that parents are being pressured and coerced to label and drug their children. We click on the website's legislation link, and we are impressed to see that states all over the country have passed laws to challenge this coercion. We go on over to the Wildest Colts Resources site at, and we read a Texans For Safe Education press release about two new laws in Texas that back off he schools and child Protective service agencies from threatening and coercing parents to drug their children.

We hear that it is not only the stimulant drugs that are causing death to our children, and we find our way to testimony from this past Spring season's FDA hearings on the so-called antidepressants. We hear the testimony of Glenn McIntosh about his daughter, Caitlin, who killed herself by hanging in the middle school bathroom. We learn that she has a lot of company in departed souls whose suicidal tragedies were triggered by the effects of the so-called Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, the SSRI type antidepressants like Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor, Celexa, Remeron and the like. We see that while the FDA's equivalent in England has basically banned these drugs for use with children, we see that our own FDA, apparently corrupted by their close alliance with the pharmaceutical industry, has demonstrated a pattern of stonewalling, avoiding confrontation, aiding and abetting the rapid increase of the use of these very dangerous drugs with our children.

We allow ourselves to be aware of the extent of psychotropic drug use on children, and of the full extent of the effects of these drugs—on every organs system of the body, and on our children's mental and emotional development.

H is for Horror. We open our eyes this Fall season. As we look past the industry line about "ADHD" and its "medicine," we see millions of children—who have no real disease—put on very dangerous, very harmful drugs. To see the professional and corporate and governmental lies and cover-ups, to see the deaths, to see the zombie effect, to see all the children who now believe they are defective and need drugs to cope with life—to see these things is to see horror, and we desperately want to turn away. This Fall season, we ask that you call on the truth of your deep caring for our children and for life, and that you keep your heart open so that your eyes may be open and that you may be aware. Then you will also see that we are putting more of our children on other drugs like the so-called neurleptics (Thorazine, Haldo, Zyprexa, Risperdal), already known to have unleashed the largest neurological epidemic, with over a million adults suffering from Tardive Dyskinesia, in the history of the world. Likewise, we see one and two-year-olds placed on these toxic, addictive psychotropic drugs, and it feels like our heart is being torn out! Horror.

This Fall 2004 is ADHD Awareness season. Awareness comes at a high price. We pay with our tears and with our outrage. The alternative is that we pay with our children's lives.

D is for Destruction. We bear witness to the destruction of our children, and we clearly see that it is considered an acceptable price to pay for the sake of corporate pharmaceutical profit, and for the false beliefs and vested interests of the representatives of our psychiatric and educational institutions.

D is for Diversity. This is a glorious Fall season. We know that our children and our planet are in danger, and that intolerance and suppression of difference is a prime cause. In contrast, we proudly defend diversity and the uniqueness of persons!

D is also for Determination. This Fall season, we make this passionate vow. No one… no power…no principality… will force us to drug our children. No way.

D is also for Delight! This Fall season, we make this passionate wow. No one, no thing, will deny us the sheer joy and pleasure of seeing our children through the eyes of delight. For this is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and our children. It is our birthright, and we claim it!