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Is ADHD A Real Disease?

Dr. Fred Baughman is a neurologist who has discovered real diseases. By directly querying the most renowned authorities across the country in the last few years, he has sought an answer to the question: "Is ADHD a bona fide disease with a confirmatory physical abnormality?" Below are a few of the responses:

On December 24, 1994, Paul Leber, of the Food and Drug Administration wrote: "√Čas yet no distinctive pathophysiology for the disorder has been delineated."

On October 25, 1995, Gene R. Haislip of the Drug Enforcement Administration replied: "We are also unaware that ADHD has been validated as a biologic/organic syndrome or disease."

On March, 7, 1998, James M. Swanson, (University of California, Irvine) acknowledged (tape recording, American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry): " I would like to have an objective diagnosis for the disorder (ADHD). Right now psychiatric diagnosis is completely subjective."

On May 13, 1998, F. Xavier Castellanos (National Institute of Mental Health) wrote: " I agree that we have not yet met the burden of demonstrating the specific pathophysiology that we believe underlies this condition."

On August 5, 1998, William B. Carey, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania, responded: "There are no such articles." (constituting proof that ADHD is a disease or syndrome). .

The National Institute of Health sponsored a consensus conference on 11/18/98, gathering a collection of experts and researchers from across the land in hopes of resolving controversy about ADHD and related psychiatric drug use. The final statement of the conference read: "...we do not have an independent, valid test for ADHD, and there are no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction."

The answer is simple: no demonstrated abnormality in the patient in the office before you, no disease. Only a suspicion of a disease until the abnormality is shown to one and all.

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