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Thanks to the work of my ally, Mike Williams, who owns and operates the psychetruth channel on youtube, I now have a host of videos available on a wide variety of topics related to psychology and psychiatry. You can search youtube with my name and select from a bunch, but I have posted a sampling here for your convenience.

Videos about my upcoming book "Leaving Home: The Journey From Birth to Emerging Adulthood" are listed here:

My own favorite is called "Psychology Test - Are You Normal?" and may be viewed at

Psychology Test - Are You Troubled? and may be viewed at

Psychology of Change & Personal Transformation:

How to Choose a Counselor:

Two videos on the Psychology of Fear, Violence, and Homophobia:

On Psychiatry at the University

Two videos on parenting or working with young people:

"Positive Parenting"...Working with children as guided by understanding their true nature.
Links to parts 1-6 below.

About so-called ADHD

3 part series on recovering from depression

3 part series on psychiatric stigma

2 segments on dealing with family

3 part series on extreme states of mind

Related videos on helping people

On drug withdrawal

Mental Health Liberation and Anti-Psychiatry Movement Parts 1 and 2

Electroshock (ECT)

IQ, SAT and Eugenics

Book Reviews

3 Part Series on the Nazi Doctors

Psychology & Military Torture -- Parts 1 and 2